Asset onboarding

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Asset onboarding is the process of adding an AI model or data from aiXplain's Discover marketplace to your team's Dashboard or to aiXplain's tools. By onboarding assets, you can use them for your own projects, experiments, or applications. There are four types of assets that you can onboard on aiXplain:

  • Models
  • Datasets
  • Corpus
  • Files


Models are AI programs that can perform specific tasks or functions, such as generating text, summarizing articles, translating languages, or recognizing images.


Datasets are collections of data points that are structured in a table or a hierarchy, such as texts, images, numbers, or labels. You can use datasets to train, test, or fine-tune models, or to perform data analysis using machine learning methods.


Corpus refers to a comprehensive and organized collection of textual or linguistic data. This can encompass a wide range of text sources, such as books, articles, speeches, and more. Corpora are invaluable for training language models, improving language understanding, and conducting linguistic research.


Files encompass a variety of digital assets that can range from documents and spreadsheets to multimedia files like images, audio, and video. These files can be utilized within your AI projects to enhance capabilities, enrich analyses, or provide context to your application.

Onboarding AI models

To bring an AI model into your workspace, you can request for onboarding via the "Request custom solution" option on the Dashboard.

The aixplain team will then work with you to integrate the model based on your requirements. This may involve steps like:

  • Configuring the model for optimal performance 

  • Creating a custom endpoint for accessing the model 

  • Testing and validating model behavior

Once the model is fully set up, it will appear under the aiXplain marketplace Discover.

Uploading your own data

In addition to models, you may want to upload your own datasets or corpora to use with aiXplain's tools. You can easily do this right from your Dashboard. To upload data:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click "Add Asset"
  2. Select the type of asset - Corpus, Dataset, or File
  3. Give your asset a name and description
  4. Upload the data from your local storage
  5. The asset will now be available across all relevant tools

Key data formats like CSV, JSON, text files, and images are supported. You can upload multiple files to create richer datasets.

The onboarding process makes it seamless to leverage your own data with aiXplain's model benchmarking, training, and optimization features.

aiXplain assets

To learn more about how to manage and utilise aiXplain assets, please visit the asset overview article.

In summary

Onboarding is a crucial first step to build your ideal AI assistant using aiXplain. The platform provides flexible options to bring in leading models from the Discover marketplace as well as use your own datasets. With the right assets in place, you can tap into the full capabilities of aiXplain to create impactful AI solutions.

I hope this article has proven to be both helpful and informative for you. We greatly appreciate your decision to select aiXplain as your AI creation and optimization partner. Should you have any inquiries or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience.

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