SDK: Developer Guides

Modified on Wed, Sep 13, 2023 at 7:12 AM

Unlock the potential of SDK, a comprehensive software development kit, to seamlessly integrate and leverage the power of the aiXplain platform within your applications.

Unleash Possibilities:

  • Discover and Subscribe: Access a wide array of AI models and datasets across diverse domains. Effortlessly explore and subscribe to the solutions that fit your requirements.

  • Evaluate and Compare: Empower your applications by programmatically evaluating and comparing AI model performance using an array of metrics and datasets.

  • Build Custom Pipelines: Craft tailored AI pipelines by effortlessly connecting various components—models, datasets, preprocessing, postprocessing, logic, and more.

  • FineTune for Performance: Elevate model accuracy and adaptability by fine-tuning existing models with your own data, catering them to your specific needs.

  • Automate with Precision: Achieve optimal model selection for each segment of input data through the AI-driven AutoMode, ensuring the best results for your tasks.

Seamless Integration: SDK is designed for Python 3.6 or higher, providing compatibility with the programming environment you're comfortable with. Installation is a breeze using the trusted pip package manager.

Get Started:

Embark on your journey of innovation by delving into our comprehensive documentation. Find everything you need to unleash the full potential of SDK.

For in-depth insights and guides, visit our documentation at:

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